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What Will Mainstream Travel Look Like in the Future?

Posted on: November 26, 2012

travel article for saleAnalysts constantly struggle to detect and understand trends so that they can forecast the evolution for the near and distant future.

When it comes to travel, we read every year which will be the top most popular destinations, what kind of tourism people will prefer.

This article provides a glimpse to the future of travel trends. What type of accommodation will people prefer in a few years? Hotels seem to be already out of fashion. However, the future will certainly go beyond the holiday cottages and panoramic suites.

Will green travel become more than a marketing slogan? How can the barriers implied by flying and heating the premises be overcome? Will flying to other countries be the only way to know different cultures? Will we really have to get on a plane to visit the Great Wall of China or to dive in the Hawaiian islands?

These are just three of the questions this articles tries to answer to.

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Price: 30 $

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