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The Benefits of Learning Foreign Languages

Posted on: June 6, 2012

We are living in the era of international trade, globalization and mobility. People travel abroad on business, to study or simply to get the chance to know different cultures and discover other types of landscapes.

Mastering at least a foreign language has become a very important skill nowadays. Although rather lengthy, this process brings along several benefits, besides the obvious ones.

This article presents the main advantages (cognitive, academic, communicative, economic, societal and cultural) that people who have learned one or several foreign languages have.

Indeed, the process of learning a foreign language makes your brain sharper, increases your chances of academic success and opens unbelievable career paths.

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2 Responses to "The Benefits of Learning Foreign Languages"

“One of their conclusions refers to enhanced cognitive skills like analysis, interpretation, comparison and contrast, improvisation, and synthesis. Indeed, acquiring grammatical structures means first observing the way the linguistic system works, comparing it to the others you already master, drawing a set of rules and building sentences based on them.”

This is an intuitive aspect of language learning that isn’t always discussed. Children growing up knowing a language other than their own will not just help them obtain stable careers in their later adulthood, but it can be an asset to every aspect of their lives. Great article and points made!

Thanks! In my opinion there is more to it. Childhood is the best period for learning languages. The efforts one makes later in life are incomparably more significant.

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